Em's Pens ~ Duct Tape Flowers
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Pretty tape makes for pretty flowers!
Here are examples of the different types of flowers I make. 
Actual product may be slightly different than shown.
How to order:
Pencils $2
Stick Pen $2 **
(black ink is standard)
Click Pen $2
(black, blue or orange ink)
Pick your tape color and pattern
(patterns located on page 1)
or give us an idea of the colors you like and let us surprise you!

I can do pencils, erasable pens and markers. If you need a different color ink or a specialty pen​ just ask and I will try my best to find it! 
(Prices will depend on cost in the 
store at the time)

**(blue, red, green also in stock)
Email EmsPens@gmail.com or find us on facebook to order!
I love Em's pens! They're so colorful....  Elaine W.
Yay! We got our Em's Pens today! They were so beautiful! Aunt Janice took 2 , then my kids tussled over them, and even Mallow, a dog I am watching wanted his!   by Barbara R.
I bought a pen at the Omega Diner today....they are so cute and so eye-catching! I was so happy to hear that the $$ went to charity! When I bought it I just did so because it was so pretty. :o) God bless you!  by Mary Ann.
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