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Cute & Pretty Gifts
Are your pens boring? 
Are they always vanishing? 
Check out

They are pretty sitting on your desk and make a nice birthday gift!
Great for teacher, bus driver, nurse, doctor, daycare, 
mom, sister & aunt!!
Pens are handmade by 15yo Emily & she donates to charity with every purchase!

Happy MAY!
Flower pencils make cute school party favors!
Pencils $2    Stick Pens $2   Clicky Pens $2  + shipping 
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Just ask - I am sure we can make the perfect gift!
I am trying hard to raise the money for a trip to England with my drama group. Since I am not old enough to get another job, selling pens & pencils will have to be enough. I will split the proceeds from the sales between the trip fund and the charity of the month. I hope you will continue to support my efforts. 

UPDATE: I have not reached my goal yet, but I am close. Every purchase helps me get closer!!
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